Do you remember your first favorite cup of tea

  1. Each beautiful moment always happened on the time without any studiously preparing.  Just like the moment I love white tea and always remember the taste and flavor.


It is a rainy morning in March in 2007, we had a short wait outside the door for the host  to invite us to visit their house in Fuding- the origin of Chinese white tea, light rain floated to us, it was cold in honest even it was spring time. We were guided to a tea table after entering , the host started preparing boiled water and cooled it to 80 degree, then poured the water to a very nice teapot with a few gram white peony tea. A light fragrance with the warm of the water influence on my sense. After the first infusion, we were served the first cup. Actually, I could not speak out which tea is good or bad , what is the flavor and taste like the master or connoisseurs did, for I was new to tea industry. So I did not expect too much on if it is good tea or what it can bring to me. I just tasted it. But suddenly I feel my shoulder stretch and relax, smell gently, taste smoothly, and feel warm. I know this beautiful moment called happiness, maybe because of the cold outside, people always be easy to feel happy while having food after a long time starving, waking up from the deep sleep after exhausted…But anyway, it was contributed by the cup of white tea. I can not hide my happiness to my companion and said: woo,  a warm cup of white tea is full of happiness.  They laughed and smiled. Then my leader said: okay, the white tea production line sales belong to you since now.

Nowadays, I have been in tea industry so many years,  but I am still not an expect on teas, I am not sensitive with teas ( but sensitive with tea caffeine :) )Sometimes, I tried to learn and remember each tea’s characteristic and tried to love the teas , so that I could join the tea talks among the tea connoisseurs, but I found it was so difficult to share anything from the learning. I feel sorry when people said to me:you must know the teas very well. I feel self-condemned when people said:What ? You are in tea industry, but you do not know the teas well.  I distressed why I am always outside the tea door until I thought of the first cup of white tea. I loved and enjoyed it without any understanding and expectation, it happened on the freedom. It is okay that I do not know the teas very well, it is okay that I do not understand teaism , it is okay that I do not love many teas.  I only need to enjoy it with a freedom heart.

Thanks for my first favorite cup of white tea , not only it is one beautiful moment,  but also free me from the imperfect self.

And do you remember your first favorite cup of tea ? Would you mind to share it to us? Continue reading

This is why dipping tea bag into A sink full of dirty dishes is a brilliant idea…Incredible

Are you a tea drinker? I most certainly am! And given that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, there’s a very good chance that you’re tea drinker as well.  Who can resist sipping on a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day? It’s just is so very comforting.  And with so many different types and flavours, tea never gets boring. But if you’re using tea bags, just what do you do with them after you’re done steeping your delicious antioxidant-rich beverage? More than likely, you end up tossing them in the garbage bin. But that’s about to change.

Thanks to The Savings Experiment, we’ve learned that your used tea bags have some surprising applications that can save you money in a very big way! These applications include…

  • Soothing minor irritations (sunburns, mosquito bites, cold sores, and bruises)
  • Reducing bags from under your eyes
  • Removing odours from your footwear
  • Helping to remove tough, baked-on grease
  • Keeping insects and rodents out of your home

Who knew that tea bags were so versatile? I had no idea but this really is a game changer. I’ve already tried a few of these tricks and they absolutely work like a charm!

Check out the super helpful video in the link This is why dipping tea bag into A sink full of dirty dishes is a brilliant idea…Incredible  for all the details and don’t forget to share these handy household tricks with your family and friends! There are some great ideas for everyone!

How to choose the right black tea for ourselves

A cup of black tea with aromatic flavor, fresh and sweet taste, bring people warmness in the cold winter. Beside this, black tea is reported it could nourish the stomach , this is another reason why black tea is the best choice in winter. But how to choose the suitable one for our taste from the many varieties. Let us know more about the different characteristic and taste from different types.

There are more origins and varieties of China black teas, normally classified into : Gongfu black tea, Xiaozhong black tea and dust black tea. Black tea is 100% fermented tea, during the processing, tea polyphenol is oxidized into theaflavin and thearubigins. Most carbohydrate substance hydrolyzed into soluble sugar, that is lead into the special fragrance and taste of black tea.

Black tea

Compared with other types of tea, black tea has better function to protect from the heart and blood vessel disease. Upon the Chinese medical, black tea is warm, which could nourish the stomach as above mentioned, it is very suitable for the weak and the old.

  1. Xiaozhong (Souchong) Black Tea : Sweetest among black tea

Soup colour: Dark red soup color, durable infusion

Taste: Rich and full

Flavor: longan,smoky, honey date

Smell: Strong aromatic fragrance

The new to black tea may think Xiaozhong taste best and it is the best choice to start. About the price, cheap one is with strong flavor and non-pure taste but sweet, expensive one is with rich, full, soft and smooth taste. For the new friends, maybe they prefer the sweet taste from the cheap ones at the beginning.


2.Dianhong Black Tea: Famous for its strong and rich flavor

Dianhong black tea is not so sweet as Xiaozhong has, but it is more strong and rich on taste and flavor. Some friends love this taste and would not accept other black teas any more. It is a little pity, but also it is a good thing they find their taste.


3.Keemum Black Tea: Classical Flavor

We may be easy to be fond of Xiaozhong black tea and Dianhong black tea, but maybe not for Keemum black tea as it does not have the sweetest taste and strongest flavor, it seems too plain. For the sake of tasting its special characteristic, here we would like to suggest new friend to start with other black teas.

It is required to put the cup of Keemum black tea closed to nose for smelling its aromatic fragrance, which is different to other teas could be smelled in a long distance. For this, you may think Keemum black tea still has lighter smell then other teas when close to the nose, actually it is not , you will find when you concentrate on smelling other black tea , the aroma is gone or hard to kept, and the aromatic fragrance of Keemum black tea is very clear. As we know, Dianhong black tea is famous for its strong and rich flavor, when taste it together with Keemum black tea, you may forgot the flavor of the Dianhong black tea .


As the pure taste and intensive flavor. Keemum black tea is recommended to be used for making milk tea.


Jasmine tea health benefits

Flower tea as a healthy beverage is the best choice for drinking in Spring as it could dispel out the cold which left in people’s body in winter, the aroma of flower tea could make people positive, keep fresh and dispel sleepy.

From the flower teas, Jasmine tea is firstly recommended, for it is favored by old and young, but also have the outstanding nutrition and health value. Some consumer said jasmine tea helps with all kinds of headache.

Compared with Chrysanthemums and Rose Flower, jasmine has sweeter smell, reputed as “ Smell Spring, drink Spring”, which is a Chinese expression.

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea production:

hand-crafted jasmine tea

1.Tea Base

Jasmine tea is made from tea leaves scented with jasmine flower, for the tea leaves to absorb the aroma of flowers. In most case, jasmine tea are used green tea leaves as the tea base, for they are best able to absorb the jasmine aroma.

For different origin, the production craft and characteristic is different, Fujian jasmine tea is the most famous one because of they are elegant appearance, more pekoe, stronger aroma, fresh aftertaste, bright yellow-green soup, uniform tender green leaves, durable infusion.

Jasmine Scenting tea

2.Scenting— the procedure of absorbing flower aroma

Beside the tea base, scenting is the most procedure. Jasmine flowers are harvested during the day and stored in a cool place until night. During the night, the flowers bloom with full fragrance. The flowers are layered over the tea leaves during the scenting process. Each morning, the spent flowers are removed and fresh blossoms readied for the evening. This process is repeated a number of times, depending on the grade of tea. For top jasmine grades, the nightly infusion continue for twelve consecutive nights. But It is required at least 3 repeated time tea leaves to absorb the fragrance. As long as processing is in the right way, for sure it will be with rich floral scents which many people find quite enjoyable.

jasmine flower

Selecting good jasmine tea tips:

Selecting jasmine tea tips

  1. Look

Normally, top jasmine tea is made from tea with tender buds. Take Fujian jasmine tea as a sample: The top jasmine tea strip is long and full with more white hair, they are buds without leaves, the second grade is one bud with one leave or one tender bud with two leaves, more white hair. Less buds or more leaves could be regarded as the lower grade jasmine tea.

Selecting jasmine tea tips: Smell


Fragrance of good jasmine tea should be strong and great for nose, smell should be fresh without any strange odor.

jasmin tea tips: taste


Taste it before purchasing if possible, observe if the soup color is bright, smell without any other odor, taste tender without bitter, if so, then it is nice choice.

Main classification of Jasmine tea:

Bai Xue Xiang Jasmine Tea (1)

  1. Fujian Jasmine Tea Leaves

It is produced in Fuzhou or East& North part of Fujian, baked green tea selected for scenting.

Among Fujian jasmine teas, the top grade tea is Jasmine Dabaihao, which the tea leaves covered with many white hairs as the material. ( Baihao was translated into white hair in Chinese, the more baihao the tea has, the higher quality the tea is.)

With refined production craft, ready to sell jasmine Dabaihao are buds covered with white hair, tender yellow soup, rich aroma, pure and mellow taste.

Jasmine pearl 01 (5) - 副本

2.Jasmine Pearl Teas

Jasmine pearl tea is made in Fuzhou, Fujian province. Each “pearl” is a hand-sewn smooth green tea with a rich jasmine bouquet , there beautiful pearls are rolled from the tender shoots of tea leaves and buds to unfold the rich and smooth sweet floral flavor. They are usually rolled around the blossom very tightly, then tied with cotton thread. This bundling allows the tea leaves time for intense infusion, while preparing something of a surprise for the tea brewer. When hot water is poured over the pearl, it opens, or “blooms,” into a spectacular underwater flower display.

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

3.Jasmine Silver Needle white tea

Different to other jasmine tea use green tea as the tea base , it marries the finest silver needle white tea from Fuding with fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers to create the perfect balance of delicate white tea taste and sweet jasmine aromatics. It is many people’s favorite, even it is pricey , but it worth it.





It is allowed we do not understand tea well,but we can enjoy it


There are thousands of beverages, tea is more and more popular nowadays. So drinking tea just like our ability, if we could find the fun or acquire a habit from it, that is one of lifestyle. In the tea world, there are not many ties and reasons, we only need to make drinking tea as a natural thing.

When talk about tea, some friends always carefully say they do not know tea, they just drink as one pleases. No matter this careful attitude is modest or not, actually for many people it is not so important to know the teas or not. If you drink one tea and feel good then continue, that is all.


Tea is not only belonged to the people who know it. Enjoy it, take fun and be relax to drink it, temperately allow our-self do not understand it, and we will know more and more about it from drinking it. But if we believe we do not know tea at the start and keep away from tea, then it will be harder to understand it.

Whatever you are a tea master or new to tea, it does not matter, the important is we drink tea everyday. From the good tea, peace could be accumulated alone, fun could be made with when two people, tasting tea could be focused when three people. Take the leisure time from all kinds of busy, it is really a great pleasure of life.


However, tea as beverage, the final contribution is to be drunk. Whether rich or poor, great or plain, drinking tea should be an relax, enjoyed and healthy thing. Forget about the magic puerh tea, when market is eager for profit, we hope all the tea lover could have a healthy and simple attitude to drink tea, and be healthy and happy from it.


It is often said tea could make peaceful, as it will require us to put aside the status, glory, benefits. Tea is too light to hold them, only when peace could listen and feel what the tea brings to us.